Wednesday, November 11, 2015

So I Won This Trip To LA......

A couple of weeks ago I called in to the radio station 96.5 to win a $50 gift card and qualify for a trip for 2 to LA to see the We Can Survive concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Aaaaaaaaannnnnndddd I won. I know. Holy shit, right? Flight, tickets, cool stuff, and a 4 star hotel smack dab in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. We could even see the HOLLYWOOD sign from our window. Honestly it's still kind of surreal and not quite sunken in yet that I can say I've been to the Hollywood Bowl, or seen the Walk of Fame, or acted totally ridiculous with my BFF at Madam Tousseaus Wax Museum. Well, I did do those things. The best part was I got to hang with my bestie, Jenifer, for 3 days. We haven't seen each other in a couple of years because I'm in Texas and she's in Tennessee, but it was like we hadn't even been apart a day. She's the one I would call if I needed to hide a body. Not that I need to hide a body....

I digress. This will be one of a couple of different posts because there's just too much to say and show. We left out of Houston at 7:20 a.m. local time and arrived at LAX at 8:45 a.m. We had the whole day to play. First stop: Venice Beach, baby.

I never knew the Pacific was soooo much colder than the Atlantic. We saw a skate park right there on the beach and picked up huge seashells. From the beach, not the skate park. There were surfers! Real live dudes in wetsuits with real surfboards paddling out to get eaten by sharks. It was impressive. The view was amazing. You could see for miles and miles.

It was really nice not having anywhere to be or anything to do. We could just hang out at the beach for however long we wanted to. It was about 75 degrees and a cloudless sky with a fresh breeze off the ocean. The day could not have been better. So after about 45 minutes we were bored. Sand, water, sunshine: yeah, yeah. Been there, done that.

Next stop: The Santa Monica Pier

Yep. Just me and my bestie chillin' at the pier. I didn't know it was the end of the line of Route 66. I really don't care, just a bit of trivia for you. Again, the view was breathtaking. I got some really great pictures but a lot of them are ruined by stupid people in them. Didn't they know I was a tourist and wanted a picture of the scenery and not their fisherman's hat and sandals?? Just rude if you ask me. Anyway, we did get some good ones.

So, friend(s), I'll leave off here. The next post will include a mini 5SOS concert in our hotel square in the middle thing, the Chinese Theater, and tons of weirdos on the Walk of Fame.

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