Thursday, November 12, 2015

First Post of About a Thousand About My Free Trip to LA

Ok. To sum up: Two weeks ago I entered to win a trip to LA to see the We Can Survive concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I won. Yeah. I know, right? So I call up my BFFFFF Jenifer. She's in. Awesome. We're off to Hollyweird. This first post is our first and second stops after leaving LAX.

Venice Beach: I'd never seen the Pacific. It was impressive. And cold. The day could not have been better; blue skies, salty breeze, 75 sunny degrees. We walked the beach, enjoyed the view, and collected some big ass sea shells. Here are my favorite photos from Venice Beach.

                                                   A cool sign. I think it lights up at night.

                                                Weird art on the side of a building.

                                                    Metal V for Venice. Or maybe it's one of
                                                      those compass thingies. Reminds me
                                                      of the latest Maroon 5 album.

                                        First selfie of many we took. Jenifer is on the left.
                                          I, with all of my chins, am on the right.

                                          First time in the Pacific. This is as far as I went.

                                                 She didn't know I took this picture. It
                                                     may be one of my favorites.

                                          Sail boat and some rocks. Just wait for it.....

                                                              Wait for it.......

                                                            Wait for it......

                                      BAM! Awesomeness. Except for the asshole that ran
                                         into the frame as I was shooting it. People always
                                         fuck up good pictures. People and poles.

So that was Venice Beach. Next we drove a little ways up the coast to Santa Monica. The view was even more spectacular there. You could see for miles and miles. It was more crowded than Venice Beach but probably because of the pier and the surfers. Yeah. Actual surfers. Behold....

                                          The famous Santa Monica Pier sign. Well, I guess
                                                                it's famous.

                                            Here's the pier. I'm fairly certain it's famous.

                                               Fun fact: The pier is the end of the Rte 66.
                                                  Of course, all I know about Rte 66 is from
                                                                   the movie Cars.

                                               Beach. The sand is much different than the
                                         Atlantic or the Gulf. It's soft and very deep and
                                          hurts your calf muscles if you're out of shape. (I am)

                                                                     More beach.

                                                                And still more beach.

                                             Real honest to God surfers. Actually surfing!

                                       Santa Monica selfie. Jenifer is on the left this time.

So, this completes our tour of Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Honestly, it all still feels very surreal that I was even there. Anyway, next post will be of the hotel we stayed at and Grauman's Chinese Theater and the famous people's hands and feet.

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