Monday, November 16, 2015

What's That Smell? Oh. It's Eleventy Billion Year Old Asphalt. And Methane.

When I first realized I was headed to LA, one of the must-sees on my list was the La Brea tar pits. Why? Because they turn into a volcano and Tommy Lee Jones saves the day. Seriously. I wanted to see them because of the movie Volcano. Sad, maybe. But it was interesting. And smelly. You know that smell when workers are repaving a road? Multiply that by a thousand and add the smell of Hell and methane gas. You might get close to the heavy, cloying scent of oily tar seeping from fissures deep in the earth. It's not pretty at all. They are still digging in different areas to see if there is more goop to be found. They do have a cool lamp sculpture (?) display right outside the pits. Anyway, here are some of the photos from La Brea.

                                                        The cool lamppost design thingy.

                                        Not much of a scenic background, be we had to
                                                  selfie every place we went.

These photos are from the two smallest pits. Notice the oily sheen on the top and the crust of tar around the edges.

                                         This is Pit 1 and is the biggest by far. Every few
                                                 minutes a bubble of methane comes up.

                                                    Said bubble of methane.

     Somebody should really help those elephants. Looks like one of them is stuck. That baby
           one reminds me of the baby elephant in Tarzan who asks if the water is sanitary.
                                           No, baby elephant. It most certainly is not.

And now for some signs. Nothing spectacular, just road signs. But I can totally say I've been there. And honestly, I think they speak for themselves.

                                    I took a pic of this one because it was mentioned in Volcano.

Before I go, I leave you with this gem....

                                           Yeah. He totally wants me. It's so obvious.

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