Sunday, November 15, 2015

In Case You're Not Already Sick of Me Talking About My Free Trip to Los Angeles.....

To recap: Our hotel was right on Hollywood Blvd. and therefore we could see parts of the Walk of Fame from our room. It's like 2 miles long so we didn't see it all. We did see some stars of people we knew, some from people we didn't know, and some where we looked at each other and were like "what the fuck?" Here's a sampling of what we saw...

                                        Of course you would expect to see Walt Disney. He's
                                                                             a legend.

                                          Another legend. Made me want to read "Oh The
                                           Places You'll Go" again.

                                                  I know why he and Ms. Piggy broke up
                                                   now. She doesn't have a star. She had
                                                                        star envy.

                                         I used to watch reruns on Nick-at-Night when I was
                                         a kid. I was also going to marry Davy Jones. Oh, well.

                                        I love The Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper is
                                        a personal love of mine. I identify with him in so many
                                        ways. Except physics. And math. And not understanding
                                                                 sarcasm. I get sarcasm.

                                         I had to get a picture of our next president's star.
                                          What kind of American would I be if I didn't?

And now for some WTF moments......
                                             He destroys cities. How did he get a star?

                                                 Dude just stands out there with his big-ass
                                                  snake every night. Why? I dunno.

                                        This is probably the funniest picture I took the whole
                                        time and it was totally an accident. I was taking a pic
                                        of the creepy dude all in gold, ya know, the ones who
                                       make you think they are a statue and then scare the shit
                                      outta you? I didn't realize the fine boys in blue of the LAPD
                                       were arresting a guy right behind the creepy dude. Best part?
                                         The creepy dude never even blinked the whole time!

                                        Which ones? The Lollipop Guild? The Lullaby League?

So that concludes our trip down the Walk of Fame. Well, at least part of it. Some of it is in sketchy places that we didn't want to walk at night. Or during the day, for that matter. I hope you'll come back for the next installment of the tar pits and some signs.

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