Monday, November 23, 2015

I Know. It's Getting Ridiculous. But Here's Part III

Just gonna jump in this time. Don't think I'm a fruitcake if you don't know what's going on. There is an explanation. Sort of.

                        Just riding a camel in the desert. I think this is Lawrence of Arabia. Or                                                  maybe the Mummy before he got mummified. Whatever. The camel was cool.

Me and The Duke. I really just did this for my dad, who is a John
Wayne superfan. I don't like him (John Wayne, not my dad)
                                 because when I was growing up  I was forced to watch every.                             single. movie. he ever made

                                     Go ahead, punk. Make my day. He looks scary. I just                                                                          look confused. Maybe because I needed a gun. And a cigar.

                                        I think this is supposed to be a young Robert Redford                                                                           and young Paul Newman. I don't know what movie this is from. I'm                                                                       uneducated in the ways of Westerns.

                             I thought they were the cops. Jenifer corrected me and said they                                                             were the bad guys. Or maybe that's vice versa. We look sad to be in                                                                                        jail, though. So there's that.

                                        I posed with Pierce because this is one of my                                                                                    husband's favorite movies. Know why? Because Renee Russo                                                                                             shows her boobies.

                                  At this point I was hungry and wished Forrest's "chocklates"                                                                                  was real. And what's up with my hair?

                                      Nobody puts Baby in a corner. And nobody can keep                                                                          their balance on that stupid log, either. Theses pictures were                                                                    captured seconds before we each fell off. I tried to get Jenifer                                                                   to do the lift with me, but no such luck. Besides, we wouldn't                                                                         have had anyone to take our picture while lifting...

                               Live long and prosper. This was my idea and everyone after us                                                              did the same thing. I was offended, until I realized I should be                                                                       flattered. It's not like anyone else would have thought of                                                                      something this cool. I'm confused, though. Which one is the                                                                                         REAL captain? Kirk or Picard?

Ok. Only about eleventy billion more posts to go.....

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