Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Next in a Long Line of Posts About LA

So far I've taken you to Venice Beach and Santa Monica. Well strap in for a ride through the Chinese Theater, the so-called "World's Greatest Candy Store" (it's not), a look at the 4-star posh hotel we stayed at, and a couple of pics out the window of the plane. (I realize I should have posted those first, as I'm trying to go chronologically, but I forgot them. Don't judge.)

Ok. So I took several pictures out of the window of the plane. I'm posting two because they all generally look the same. I have no freaking idea where we were flying over at the time, but it was pretty cool to see.

                                              No idea where we are, but it's pretty.

After we left Santa Monica we drove up Sunset to Hollywood Blvd. to our hotel, The Loews. It was spectacular and crowded and right in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. To say the least, it was awesome. It had this kind of Buddha or middle eastern feel. There were elephant statues around the courtyard and symbols etched in the columns. Here are some pictures.

                                                     First view of the hotel.

                                                  I didn't add a picture of the giant elephant
                                               statues because the angle was up their butts.

                                        The view from our window. Yeah, I know. :)

                                          Oh... Did I forget to mention a private concert by
                                          5 Seconds of Summer? Yeah. It was in the hotel
                                          courtyard. They started as soon as we got there so
                                           I can only assume it was specifically put on for us.
                                           And the 5,000 screaming girls. Them too.

                                       Just a night time swim in the rooftop saltwater pool.
                                           Ya know... No big.

                                       When the night was finished we drank wine. With
                                        ice cubes. Because we're classy that way.

So, the "World's Greatest Candy Store" was kind of a bust. They did have cool artwork on the walls though. There was Jimmy Kimmel's head made from jelly beans. A dress with a tutu made from cotton candy and laffy taffy. But here's my favorite wearable candy dress.
                                                       Yep. That's chiffon and Pop Rocks.

Next stop: Grauman's Chinese Theater. It's apparently a big deal. I thought it was neat, but not something I would need to put on my itinerary but we were literally about 100 feet from it.

                                                          Jenifer with the dragon thingy.

                                                         Me with the same dragon thingy.

                                            The "Twilight" cast's foot/hand prints.

                                                The "Harry Potter" cast's foot/hand prints.

There were about a hundred more but these were my faves. Except for Donald Duck's. I just forgot to take a picture of it. Those webbed feet of his are huge!

Alright. So, next post will be the Walk of Fame and the La Brea Tar Pits (even though we went there on our way back to the airport.)

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