Friday, June 7, 2013

I've Had Leprosy. Getting Better But More Importantly... BEHOLD! MY AWESOME BUTT MAN IN ALL HIS GLORY!!!

Last week I left a comment on one of the blogs that I read regularly. It is Misty's Laws, written by a highly intelligent (she's a lawyer) and freakily funny chick. You should check it out. Go ahead. I'll wait..... Done? Good. Anyway, I left a comment on a post and lo and behold, she drew MY name to win the coveted Butt Man. Well, I don't know if that's his name, but (ha! no pun intended) it is now. So let me set the scene so I can officially introduce you to him.

Picture, if you will, me, sick with the plague, dysentery, leprosy, SARS, and a sinus/ear infection. (Only one of these is true. Probably.) I have felt the impending implosion/explosion of my own brain for about 4 days straight at this point. I woke up around 2 am Monday with a splitting headache and a squiggly tummy. I went in to work but came home after only an hour and a half. I was half-dead Tuesday and most of Wednesday. I sucked it up and went in Thursday. It wasn't *all* that bad. As long as I didn't turn my head, or move, or cough, or breathe deeply. So anyway, I get home yesterday afternoon and a package was waiting for me. I was expecting it, of course, since getting the news late last week. I then proceeded to do a little jig, for that was all the energy I could afford to expend, and say "I won! I WON! IwonIwonIwonIwonI WON!" It was kinda like the scene in A Christmas Story where the dad gets the giant box of award from Fra-gee-lay and it turns out to be the awesomest lamp anyone anywhere has ever had the privilege of laying their eyes on. Same thing. I cut open the box, eager to hold my new treasure. I wait with bated breath as the last of the tape pops. I pull back the flaps of the box. I toss the tissue paper over my shoulder and onto the floor. THERE! There he is. Oh. My. God. He is MAGNIFICENT! Here. Just see for yourself.


I know, I know. He's freaking spectacular!! He is holding tape and his feet are the cutter. His mouth holds a pen, The potty has a slot for a post it pad and there is also a hole behind that for scissors. He's not done, though. I you lift him off the potty, the "bowl" is full of.... paperclips. And he has a tiny magnet on his tiny hiney. Canyoubelievethat?? It's a clever, multitasking, wonderfully weird desk organizer. If you want to find out how to own your very own Butt Man, head on over to Misty's  for the deets. Although even if you *do* get your own, mine will still be superior because I won him. From an awesome person. And THAT kind of coolness just can't be bought. :P


  1. "Freakily funny chick." I'm putting that on my resume. Or tombstone. Really, at this point it's a toss up over whether I'll get a new job or die first.

    Congrats again!! Butt men always cure plagues. It is written.

  2. Oh man! So jealous!! He is so awesome. Congrats!