Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sleep. Or The Lack Thereof.

I think I would rather not sleep at all than to sleep in snatches a few minutes at a time. I’m pretty sure my bed is where time goes to die. Last night, it was storming. So instead of Maddie going to sleep by herself, I went and laid down with her. It was only a little after 10:00, so I thought I would lay with her until she went to sleep and then get back up for a while. I guess, since I didn’t sleep all that well the night before, I fell asleep too. I last looked at the clock at 10:11. Several hours later I woke up. I looked at the clock. 10:52. Hmmm… I slept less than an hour. And then I proceeded to wake up and blearily eye the hated clock every hour until I gave up at 7:05. I got up at 7 a.m. on. a. Saturday. Maddie, however, slept until 9:30.  And I’m sure my sleeping so poorly had nothing AT ALL to do with the heifer dog sleeping up my butt while holding down most of my covers. Also, I’m absolutely positive it didn’t have A THING to do with Maddie crocodile-death-rolling into a cocoon with what was left of my blanket so that all I ended up with was a stingy sliver of a corner of the sheet. Why, you may be asking, was I sharing my nice, comfy king-sized bed with my very wiggly, very long-legged six year old? Well, when Terry goes out of town I let her sleep with me. Bad parenting? Maybe. But I figure there will be plenty of time when she gets older where she doesn’t want to snuggle or even be near me. Right now, though, I will enjoy the way she wants me to face her; the way she curls her hands under her face while she softly snores; the way her long sooty eyelashes fan her face; the way her breath smells worse than a puppy’s butt and she is constantly in motion, even in the deepest sleep. I guess it’s worth not having a REM cycle for the foreseeable future. What I worry about most, though, is does not sleeping well give you more wrinkles??

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  1. Whenever I let Jazzy sleep with me, she knocks my upside my head in her sleep.

    That girl even fights zombies in her sleep!!