Wednesday, June 26, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I called in to the local radio station and inquired of (one of) my fave DJ(s) as to why he didn’t use Twitter. We bantered back and forth of the benefits versus the time/energy/desire. He said he had a Twitter account but just never used it. He also quipped that I could be his Twitter Social Media Director. Wellll….. no pay, no real responsibilities? Sign. Me. Up.

Taking my duties and my new title very seriously, I sent him a Facebook message the very next day telling him the easiest way to get going is tweet something inane first thing in the morning. I use Twitter a lot, but still, most mornings I tweet the name of the song that was playing in my head when I woke up. I suggested he do that with #WokeUpSinging.

Fast forward to this past Monday. It dawned on me that I hadn’t heard a *peep* (Get it? Twitter? A bird? Peep? HA! I crack myself up.) from him on his Twitter account. I then sent him another message via Facebook.

            “2 weeks on the job as your Twitter Social Director and I couldn’t get not *1* stinkin’ tweet outta you. I’m so fired. Now what am I gonna do with all those business cards I had printed??”

A few minutes later, his reply:

            “I am a Twitter failure. You must come to the studio to discuss our Jason Tweets, Inc. corporate structure.”

I then said:

            “Ha! 12:30 good for you?”  (**I was being totally sarcastic. Just in case you didn’t catch it.**)

Literally less than a minute later…

            “Today is not good, but any other day this week is fine.”

(**Me, starting to hyperventilate**):

            “Dude! Are you freakin’ serious?! I can’t be on the radio! I’m soooo not cool enough for that!”

A minute later he had this to say:

            “I have the trademark on not being cool. Come here.”

(**Me, silently running through all the disastrous scenarios that could occur**):

            “Ummmm….okay(?). Wednesday okay? And are you seriously serious?”

Then the word that had me quaking in my strappy sandals:


So, ladies and gentlemen, (or Val, since I think you are the only one who reads this crap I churn out), today I will be going to the radio station after work to probably more than likely hopefully (please God) not make a huge redneck-y ass out of myself.

Wish me luck! I may be able to post the audio on here tomorrow. Providing I don’t embarrass myself too much. Even if I can't do the audio you can bet your sweet bupkis that I will have a post documenting my foray.

Also, here’s the slightly bad ass business card I made.


  1. Wow ! ( Im not Val and I read this stuff ). This is exciting stuff. One of those BIG opportunities in life !

    1. Thanks so much for reading!! Post coming later with audio from my radio debut!