Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fever Dreams

So, last week was pretty crappy at my house. I had the plague so I felt like squished dog poo for several days. I may have a brain tumor because I'm still having terrible, horrible, no good, very bad headaches. But, I digress. The only upside to having an awful illness is the extremely colorful dreams I have while burning up with a thousand degree fever. Here are a few of my nocturnal escapades, as I remember them.

My grandmother has a dog, Kali. I haven't been to see her (my grandmother, not Kali. Well both, actually.) in a couple of months so this kinda came out of nowhere. So I dreamed (dreamt?) that I went to Grandmother's house. No Kali. When I asked where the dog was, G'mother's reply was, "Oh. Her lease was up." Hmmm... there may or may not be a potential business in there somewhere. Dog rentals: the new million dollar idea? Maybe. Anyway, she had another dog that looked just like Kali named Fred. And also a puppy. Who am I to argue with my feverish subconscious? No one, that's who.


Let me set the scene for you. It is a beautiful day. I mean one of those perfect days. Warm sunshine dappling the ground through trees full of green leaves gently swaying in the breeze. The birds are chirping a Disney tune. The air smells of springtime. A. Perfect. Day. I'm strolling along a tree-lined path. I don't feel rushed or even have a particular destination in mind. I'm just ambling along, stopping to chat with the wildlife and soak up the sunshine. From behind me on my right I hear the faintest noise. Wait. That noise doesn't belong here. Noise belongs out in the world, not here in the perfect corner of my mind. What IS that? Well, my question is soon answered as a guy (I think), so completely wrapped in bubble wrap you can't even see his eyes, comes barreling by. In a red wagon. He was laying in the wagon. While wrapped head to to in bubble wrap. What's even stranger is that after he passed by, Pip from Enchanted popped his head up from behind a mossy log, cocked his head, looked straight at me and said, "Wow. THAT was weird." Yes, Pip. Yes it was.

The moral of these stories? Fever dreams are super entertaining, but so not worth the brain damage.

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear you were sick! Those fever dreams are a blast tho! I must say!! It's like being high, but with more sweating and vomit.

    Hugs and feel better soon!