Monday, November 16, 2015

Now For Some Los Angeles Touristy Stuff

This post is random photos of touristy stuff. There's no rhyme or reason to them, I just thought they were cool. Most were taken when Jenifer and I went on one of those Starline tours. It was a convertible bus with me, Jenifer, a couple from Mississippi, couple from China and three people from Denmark. We cruised the Sunset Strip and saw the last of the strip clubs that were famous in the 1930's and 1940's, went through Beverly Hills (but not the 90210 area), saw some other famous type places, and got some awesome shots from the Hollywood Hills overlooking LA. Behold......

                                                   I ended up with about 12 pictures of
                                                  this hotel. I can't remember what movie
                                                  was filmed on the top, but I know there
                                                    at least one. And the fire escape is cool.

                                      Where celebs lunch and Lindsay Lohan got kicked out of.

                                           Used to be a strip club but now it's just a bar.

                                          The last remaining nude-y club on Sunset.

                                            Where all the greats in comedy have performed.

                                                   Kinda speaks for itself....

The world famous Beverly Hills Hotel. It's very pink on the outside and frankly kinda tacky. I wouldn't turn down a free stay there, though.

                                                   This is a sculpture thingy at the corner of
                                                   Hollywood and Sunset. I forget what the
                                                   4 people represent but the tiny thing on top
                                                   is Marilyn Monroe in her flyaway dress.

                                          Just a typical California street lined with palms.

                                      This is where the Oscars are held. It was actually
                                       off the courtyard of our hotel. Fancy Schmancy.

                                The Magic Castle Hotel and Club. It's an actual magic club
                                           and Doogie Howser is the current president.

                                        Where Adam Levine was born. And other people, too.

                                            Spectacular view from the Hollywood Hills

                                    Paramount Studios. If you look closely you can see a plume
                                    of smoke. They were filming an explosion scene. I wasn't
                                     quick enough to get the fire, but I got the smoke. Pretty cool.

And finally, this one. It spoke to me. It's like they painted this waiting on me to see it.

Overall, the touristy part was cool. It was a beautiful day and we were in a van surrounded by interesting people from other parts of the world. We also saw the neighborhood where Adam Levine lives. Sadly, I couldn't get the tour guide to point out his house. This is gonna make stalking him a little harder. We also saw the gate, just the gate, of Justin Timberlake's house. He has an armed security guard on duty around the clock and cameras all over the place. I hope he was watching. I waved and blew him a kiss. OH! AND we saw the house where Michael Jackson died. The tour guide said dramatically, "Through those gates drove the ambulance that carried out the body of Michael Jackson".  We did see a few other homes: Larry King, Al Pacino, and the dumpy apartment Marilyn Monroe lived in when she first got to H'wood.

So, enough with the geography lesson. Next post will be the concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

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