Monday, November 23, 2015

Part I of II. Or Maybe III. I Have A Shit-ton Of Hilarious Wax Museum Photos

Up to now I've taken you on a tour of Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and La Brea with its stinky tar pits. I've guided you up the Hollywood Walk of Fame, taken you to Grauman's Chinese Theater, and brought you along to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Damn. Y'all should pay me for this shit.

What I am about to show you now will astound you. It will blow your mind. Or, at the very least, it will make you laugh until you pee yourself. And thus, the story of two middle-aged women set loose at Madame Toussaud's......

                             Me and Shrek. Just kickin' it in LA. This was outside the entrance.

                                                       Two of the performers at the concert.

                               As with the star on the Walk of Fame, I would be remiss not
                                       to include a hand mold of our next president.

                   The creepy lady who started it all. (I think that is her real body preserved)

We have a multitude of hot guys. These are just the first few of the handsome studs we were crushing on.....

                                                    Sparkly vampire, anyone? We say YES!

                                          I didn't realize Ryan Reynolds was so tall.....

                                      Thor is her main squeeze. She apparently has a life-sized
                                      cut-out of him in her office at work. Sad, really....   :)

      I'm not really crushing on Simon Cowell. I just love him for his snarky meanness. 

                                      Why, yes, George. I do find you fascinating. Order us some drinks....

                                     Brad Pitt is hot. Angelina Jolie is a skank. Enough said.

                                     I love, Love, LOVE Jimmy Fallon. I think he would be fun to                                                                just hang out with. Maybe I should put that on my bucket list.

                        You can really tell how into us he is. I mean, he's got his arms around us!

                                  I heart me some J.T. We saw his house's gate on our StarLine                                                          tour. Yep. Just the gate. And about 16 security cameras. And an armed guard.

More to come.......

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