Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Post IV. Or V. Or LMCXIIV. (I don't know what number that really is.)

                                  She's rubbing his sweaty muscles, I'm knocking him out.                                                                                   This is a classic example of our personalities.

                                 I had the Lorde song "Royals" running through my head. I                                                                      think the Queen might be uptight, but everyone else looks like                                                            they could hang out with their feet propped up on the Louis IV table.

                       Ummm... I don't know what to say here. Maybe "She's overacting like he does"?

                                     ACTION! Apparently it looks like I would be a bitchy                                                                              and demanding director. Let's ask Spielberg, shall we?

                                    Robin introducing us at The Comedy Store. Or so I                                                                                    like to think. Up close, you could see his fingerprints.

                                                               No words needed.

                 I think I was channeling my inner Elton John. Or that dude that did "Great Balls of Fire".

                                      She did this picture specifically to piss off her daughter.                                                                               Holly hearts Vin Diesel and Jenifer's such a good                                                                                mother she rubbed it in her face. The same thing happened                                                                               with the 5 Seconds of Summer concert.

                                  Hi-Ya! Jenifer pretended to do it, but I actually made the                                                                           noise. Loudly. On accident (mostly). We realized later                                                                          that there was a Bruce Lee busting out of a wall where we                                                              sorely missed an opportunity to be karate kicked in the head. C'est la vie.

 This is the most I've been on a bicycle since I was about 10. It was important, though, so we could get E.T. home before he became a science experiment. Wish I'd had some Reese's Pieces, though.

                                       This perfectly sums up our political views. #POTUS

The next post will be the last. Well, of the wax museum anyway. Not the last post ever. I don't think.

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