Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My Very Brief Love Affair.... With Breakfast Food

An Open Letter to Jimmy Dean:

Dear Mr. Dean,
What. The. Hell?! I hate breakfast. I abhor it. I loathe it. Well, unless it's a weekend and I can make strawberry muffins. Or go to Cracker Barrel for pancakes. Anyway, as stated previously, I despise breakfast. Most days I just skip it altogether and snarf down an early lunch. That is, until recently. I stumbled upon you Delights Turkey Sausage and Pancake Griddlers. In a word? YUM! And, since I'm watching my fat and calorie intake, at only 8 grams of fat and 240 calories, SCORE!! I thought I had hit the mother load. One kink in my otherwise joyful find was only Target carried these delightful breakfast sandwiches. Ok, I can live with that. Even though Target is waaaay outta my way, I go there specifically to purchase my breakfast of choice. But wait, there's more. One time I went to Target for my b'fast nosh, and lo and behold, they were out. I had hope, though. There is another Target in town. Granted, it is even further out of my way. But I must have these Griddlers. They must be mine. Luckily the other Target had some. I always buy 2 boxes at a time, but that is only 8 sandwiches. Which, if you are keeping score, is less than 2 weeks. *Side note: I only eat them on work days. They are too high of a commodity to waste on weekends.*   So, another couple of weeks pass. Back to the closer Target. No luck. What's this?? They no longer have the little tag on the shelf. OMG... I think this means they no longer carry them! Okay, okay. I'm okay. Don't panic. We'll just go to the farther Target. No, no, no, NO! They don't have the little tag thingy either!! Wait! Maybe an actual grocery store will have them. Bi Lo? Nope. Publix? Nada. Food Lion? Yeah, right. I have even scoured the frozen section in stores like Walgreens, Rite Aid, and gas stations. So, again, I ask: What. The. Hell?! You put out this aweseomely delicious, low fat/calorie sandwich of yumminess then just take it away?! You have crushed my renewed interest in breakfast, Mr. Dean. The repercussions of which you have no idea how big and far-reaching. Shame on you.

Most Disappointed,
Tabitha Crow (former consumer of JD products)

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