Thursday, May 16, 2013

In The Garden

So yesterday I spent 4 hot, sweaty, buggy, backbreaking hours planting my garden. I don't have the space at my house, but luckily for me my in-laws live a mile away and have several acres. My father-in-law has always gardened and last year he taught me how. This year he says (yeah, right) that he is just gonna sit on the sidelines and let me do it all by myself. Yeahhhhh.... That didn't even last like 5 whole minutes. Don't get me wrong, I totally ADORE my in-laws. In some ways they are awesome-er than my own parents. FIL and I bump heads because we are so much alike (totally NOT stubborn or opionated!). Anyway, he and the husband plowed and tilled it and I, for the most part, planted it. Here's what I (we) planted:

Green Beans
Butternut Squash
Peppers (Bell, Jalapeno, and Banana)
Tomatoes (like 40 friggin' plants!!)
Onion (Yellow and White)
Corn (Yellow and Hybrid)

Now, go back a couple of weeks. In preparation for gardening time, I have been laying in the tanning bed for a few minutes a couple of times a week to get a base tan (because usually, I'm pastier than a vampire Casper). I have been prepping my pasty skin for its coming-out-of-hibernation. Yesterday, I was all cocky.
"Ohhh. Look at me! I'm all brown now. I won't burn. Pfffftt... Who needs sunscreen?" The answer? Ummm, I do. Even though I had my brown on I got. freakin'. roasted! My back and shoulders look like I let Maddie color on me with fuschia marker. Worst part? I was wearing a criss-cross bathing suit top so now I have this huge-ass white *X* on my back.

Yeahhh.... I'm rockin' that brown now, baby!

*P.S. Pictures of said garden to come

***Update: 5/23/13

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  1. I love gardening! I want to do my front yard... I just need to find the time...