Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My daughter, Cybill. Ummm... I mean, Maddie. Yeah. My daughter MADDIE.

She has as many personalities as she does outfits. Sometimes I wonder if she really does have multiple personalities in there. Or maybe she's possessed. Nah. She's just *my* kid. Here are a few of her costume changes. Bear in mind, she put on and took off most of these in the span of about 35 minutes. She only wears them for approximately 19 seconds and then she's off to the next one. After one of her dress-up sessions, her room looks like a teenager's who is about to go on her first date with that really cute guys that she just loves.

Introducing Princess Aurora (with some attitude). Notice the hands on hips, cheeky grin and her "darlin'" shoes.

The Betty Crocker of the Kindergartners. (again with the 'tude)

She's a Bunny. And a Cheer Leader. And a Doctor/Mad Scientist.

She is a friend to nature....

And and environmental activist (well, just dressed like a flower, really)

A mermaid (with home-made costume), a self-described Alien, and Snow White

Showing the dichotomy of her Id... A sleeping Angel vs. The Devil (who may or may not be a witch fairy)

"Because we ALL just wanna be big ROCK STARS" (courtesy of Nickelback. Now that song's in your head, isn't it? You're welcome!)

And I don't know about you, but I would love to be a Hula Girl!

And finally, her SELFIE:

(Yeah, ok. She looks a little drunk. And strange because her big girl teeth are almost all the way in. That green thing is a baby apple from a tree in Papa's yard. She likes to pick things.)

You're welcome, world. 

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