Friday, May 24, 2013

Aaaaaaaaaaand, The Winner Is........

Is there an award for being the best farmer? Although, not a real farmer. Maybe best gardener? But not the flower kind. Hmmm... the Perfect Planter award? Greatest Grower? Handiest Horticulturist? Awesomest Agriculturist? Whatever. Anyway... So last week I planted my garden. And then yesterday I posted an update. Well I went back over there yesterday evening to do some hoeing (with an actual hoe, not in a prostitute-y sort of way) and oh. emm. gee! It is AH-MAZING what happens in a 24 hour period! Where Tuesday I had a few sprouts emerging and Wednesday I had even more sprouts and some actual *growth*, yesterday's find was ca-razy! What? Of course I have pictures. See the complete coolness for yourselves.

I might have decided that either:
     1.) I have used fertilizer with some mutant properties, or
     2.) My seeds were imbibed with growth hormones from God Himself, or
     3.) I have planted my garden over dead things, or (and most likely)
     4.) I am the world's best freakin' planter and grower of stuff.

So, the answer is ME. I am the winner of the Best, Greatest, Awesomest Grower Of Stuff.

Now go out and vote!

**P.S. I put cages around my tomatoes. All 37 of them. And DAMN, that's hard work! Here's the finished product:

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