Thursday, March 16, 2017

Kid Protein Shake Review

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I was able to try a protein shake powder from Skinny Jane. Maddie doesn't eat like she should, and that's a lot my fault. I thought if she liked these chocolate shakes, they would add some needed nutrients to her skimpy diet.

The powder came in a packet. To make the shake, all I had to do was add 1/4 cup of the powder, 6 oz. of milk (I used 1% but the instructions say you can use any low fat, soy, almond, etc.), and a few ice cubes. I put it in our Ninja blender and 30 seconds later, a low fat chocolate shake that she had no idea was good for her.

I got the Chocolate for her but they also have Cookies and Cream flavor. It's worth a shot if your kid is as picky an eater as mine is.

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