Saturday, March 25, 2017

Digital Tire Pressure Gauge Review

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I got this digital tire pressure gauge to review. It comes ready to use, so no need to install batteries. It has multiple settings, most of which I don't understand because I'm a girl. I do understand PSI, and thankfully that is one of the options. :) It fits in your hand kind of like a Target scanner gun would, I suppose. There is one button and each time you push it, it changes the settings. The settings are: Kg/cm, PSI, BAR, and KPA. To turn it off, you just hold down the button for a second. I like how the tip lights up so you can see what your doing if you have tire trouble in the dark. The screen is really well lit, too. It's very lightweight and will fit very easily in a glove compartment or side door compartment. I think it may be a useful tool to have around one of these days.

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