Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Greetings From The (Transplanted) Crappiest Blogger Ever

Ok. So it's been like 3 months since I posted anything. It's not like life has been boring or anything. I'll give you a super short update and will do some more in depth posts later.

November: Terry was still in Texas. He came home for a couple of days at Thanksgiving. Life went on. We packed.

December: Spent most of the month packing and organizing crap to move. I threw stuff out like a mad woman. Terry came home a couple of days before Christmas. We didn't even put up a tree. Maddie and I made our tree. We took green tinsel and glued it down to posterboard. We then hot glued little ornaments on it. It was cute... in a kitchy, corny kind of way. She liked it, so that's all that really mattered. We did the family tour at Christmas and the month flew by really fast. A couple of days after Christmas we rented the U-haul and began the loading process. By the 28th we were loaded and ready to go. We spent that night at my in-laws'. Around 6 a.m. on the 29th, we got up, dressed, checked and double checked that we had everything. We were on our way to Texas by 7 a.m.

Tons of stuff happened between 7 a.m. on December 29th and today. I am going to try to compose my thoughts in an orderly manner and break up the posts so I don't have a 30 page post.

There will be drama, danger, and decongestants.
There will be snakes, school, and the seashore.
There will be... ok, ok. There's gonna be a lot of stuff. So, until next time (which won't be 3 months from now)...


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