Wednesday, November 16, 2016

So I Used This New Product.....

I joined this site, Giveaway Service, a month or so ago. It's a site where you apply to try out products for free or a super reduced rate. My very first approval was for a set of 14 liquid chalk markers by ArtColors.

The site is totally legit. If you get approved, the supplier sends you a code to redeem through Amazon that gives you the discount. I got these chalk markers for $0.00 with free Prime shipping (because I have Prime). Anyway....

So, the "catch" to the site. Each of the products has certain...requirements listed you consider before applying. Things like: Hashtag product on Twitter, Mention on Instagram, Write a blog post....

So here I am. This is me fulfilling my requirement in exchange for my awesome set of liquid chalk markers.

I just got them today. I got approved on Monday and they came in the mail today. I tried them all out right away. If you've ever used a paint pen, they are very much like that. You push in the tip, shake and push the tip back in until the tip fills with color. However, unlike paint pens, these are water-based so they won't dry up and they also wipe off. It says you can use these on white/chalk boards and painted surfaces. I decorated a cardboard box just to try out the colors. The colors are very vibrant. If I had one tiny criticism, it is that because they are water-based, if you hold the tip down too long, it gets too full and then it gets runny. Otherwise, these things rock! And, since they wipe off of non-porous surfaces, I can let the kid use them.

I did receive this product for free in exchange for a review, but this is an honest review from my personal use of this product.

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