Monday, August 26, 2013

There I Was, Just Minding My Own Business.....

...having my dreams of Adam Levine and peanut butter PopTarts, when BAM! Out of the blue <insert horribly disgusting sounds of kid barfing>. I know there is nothing I love more than being woken from a dead sleep to puke in my bed. Except maybe going around again on the vomit comet 30 minutes later after the sheets have been changed and everyone settled back down. So, yeah. Starting off the day at 4 a.m. to a sick kid isn't great. But you know what's even less great? Starting off the day before school starts with vomit. We are supposed to go register for 1st grade and meet her teacher at 4 p.m. today. I seriously hope she's feeling better by then.

OH! And THEN you know what happened? An hour or so after the last visit from "The Exorcist" (ya know. The whole projectile vomiting thing? Anyway..) guess who else starts to feel a rumbly in their tummy? If you said me, then you're right. You win eleventy bajillion dollars. The check's in the mail...

So, here I am. Five-o-freakin'-clock in the morning. My last day to "sleep in" until 7 a.m. and I've been up almost 2 hours already. Maddie is settled in snugly beside her daddy sound asleep. And me? Well, the tummy is still rumbly and there are some urgent issues there, but no vomit.



  1. OMG. Feel better. Because I wouldn't wish a tummy bug on my worst enemy...

    Ok... I would on my worst enemy....

    But certainly not someone who was just annoying...

    Ok... I'd do that too..

    But this wasn't my hex. This I vow!



    1. She was totally fine when she woke up around 9. Me, on the other hand... Well, I felt like I had a belly full of worms until Tuesday afternoon. Oh, well.

      BTW, I left you a comment the other day on your creepy doll post but it isn't there... I thought it was frickin' hilarious. :)

      P.S. Thank you for reading and commenting!!!